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The North Carolina Highway Patrol has filed charged against a Virginia man in connection with a fatal car accident on I-85 in Davidson County, North Carolina. 

The state police reported that a 31 year old man from Pennsylvania died when the Virginia man’s pick up truck blew a tire on I-85. The truck then flew across the median and slammed into two cars. The driver of one of them was killed on impact.


The police have charged the driver of the pick up truck with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and driving with an unsafe tire.

Four other people were injured in the accident.

Our View

We send our condolences to the family whose loved one was killed in this tragic North Carolina car accident.

Many people know that they need to keep their car maintained to drive safely. But too many of us forget to check our tires regularly to ensure that they are safe for driving too. Our tires are what keep us on the road moving safely. If one fails at high speed, disaster can unfold and people can get seriously hurt or die.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, each of us should take five minutes every month and inspect our tires. Use this checklist to make sure you are safe to drive:

  • Check the tire pressure and make sure it is within the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Look for uneven tire wear, as well as cracks and any foreign objects that have pentrated the tire
  • Be sure that the tires have valve caps
  • Do not put too much weight in the vehicle. Also make sure that the tires are not overinflated.
  • If you hit a big pothole at speed, pull over to check if there is tire damage.
  • If you hit a curb, pull over immediately and inspect for damage.

Making sure that our tires are in good condition is very important to keep us safe on the road. Another reason to check your tires is revealed in the above story: If there is a serious accident and the police determine that you were driving on an unsafe tire, you can face criminal charges. And if someone is killed due to your negligence, you could be facing serious jail time.

Also, if you are negligent in the maintenance of your tires and someone dies, you can be sued for wrongful death and have a judgement against you for millions of dollars. So, it really is a good idea to check your tires regularly as it could save you great heartache.



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