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A high school student from Liberty, North Carolina has died after a single-car accident on Feb. 11. The next day, the driver of the vehicle, an 18 year old, was charged with DWI for having alcohol in his system at the time of the accident.

The passenger was killed when the car ran off the road in Liberty and struck several trees. The child was pronounced dead at the scene at 2:20 PM.


The state highway patrol reported the teenaged driver was going around a curve in Liberty when he ran off the road to the right and over corrected. He lost control of the truck he was driving and hit trees on the left side of the road.

Our View

All of our personal injury attorneys in North Carolina send our condolences to the family of this apparent DWI victim. It is sad that drunk driving crashes continue to happen every year, leading to serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

The CDC states that 28% of drivers involved in drunk driving wrecks in 2015 were from 21 to 24. Also, MADD reports that every day in the US, 29 people are killed from drunk driving. This is one person every 50 minutes.

What is sad especially is that today, so many of these accidents are preventable. With the awareness of drunk driving and technology, it is easy to avoid drinking and driving. All one needs to do these days is open a cell phone app  and either get a taxi or Uber or Lyft home. There are millions of Uber and Lyft drivers across the country, and there are usually plenty of drivers in most major US cities. How sad it is that people continue to die in drunk driving crashes when it is so unnecessary.

Our personal injury attorneys know how to handle drunk drivers: We file civil lawsuits against them so that they have to pay damages to people injured in drunk driving accidents, or pay damages to the grieving family when the victim dies. We settled a Virginia drunk driving case several years ago for $112,000 where our clients were rear ended in a serious crash by a drunk driver. The driver had her own daughter and friend in the vehicle, which was incredibly irresponsible.

We were glad to win that settlement for our clients who suffered serious injuries. Note that a civil lawsuit can still be filed even in a case where the driver and the deceased or injured passenger knew each other.


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