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untitledDriving on a winding mountain road can be nerve wracking, every turn brings the chance that you might lose control.  This is why when you encounter difficult driving conditions you should be focused and drive as slow as you need to keep a safe speed.  This was not the case in a recent accident on South Page Valley Road near Luray, Virginia (VA).  A 24-year-old woman ran off the road, over-corrected and then hit an oncoming car.  Three people in the car that was hit head-on were hospitalized with serious injuries.  The at-fault driver also suffered serious injuries.

Head-on collisions are one way that good drivers get killed. Reader’s Digest asked statisticians at the National Safety Council to analyze 41,611 traffic deaths.  Head-on collisions killed 42 percent of the good drivers in the survey. For those behind the wheel, death by an oncoming car can be particularly devastating because of the laws of physics: the speed of both cars multiplies the violence of the collision and they are often the most sudden and unavoidable. The study showed that only six percent of head-on collisions were caused by drivers passing at inopportune times. Twenty percent occurred on curves where often a driver going too fast veered into the opposite lane just like in the Luray accident.

The tragedy of many car accidents, of course, head-on or otherwise, is that they often could have been prevented if the at-fault driver had been more cautious, had not been drinking, or had otherwise operated his or her vehicle more safely.   If you have suffered injuries in a car accident, you should consider speaking to a North Carolina (NC) personal injury lawyer, who will know how to help you recover the compensation to which you are legally entitled. The attorneys at our law firm are experienced in handling car accident injury cases and we are familiar with both the laws surrounding car accidents and the tricks insurance companies will use to attempt to lessen the amount they will have to pay to you.



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  1. Gravatar for Harvey McFadden

    During adverse conditions it will often be noticed that it is the rear of a vehicle that loses traction first.

    What the average person and some experts are not aware of is that there can be as high as 950 pounds or more weight on the front axle of their vehicle than the back. So a car that feels like a limousine on the front holds like a golf cart on the back

    Generally vehicles with equal weight front and rear have a fatality occurrence of 50 per million registered. This can be attributed to human error.

    Consistently vehicles with more than 63 percent weight on the front will have 3 times as many accidents. The difference in weight makes predicting a safe speed harder and recovery from a breakaway of the lighter rear almost impossible.

    The fuel tank holds one percent of the vehicle weight so a car with a weight ratio of 63/37 with an empty tank now becomes 64/36 , very unsafe !

    See lossofcontrolaccidents at

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