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One person died on Jan. 8 in a collision with a garbage truck in Raleigh, North Carolina on Old Stage Road near Whitecroft Drive, according to local police.


According to a neighbor who lives on the road, she was in her home watching TV when she heard the head on crash outside. The woman added that the severity of the accident did not surprise her because she has witnessed many crashes on the road in front of her home.

A major concern for people who live in the area is the number of speeders on the road, and who even go over the double yellow lines to get around other vehicles. The road is a straightaway and there is a tendency for drivers to go well over the speed limit.

Our View

As Virginia and North Carolina personal injury attorneys who work on lawsuits involving serious head on crashes, we wish to remind our readers of the dangers of speeding. The NHTSA reported in 2015 that speeding was a factor in 9557 fatal crashes in 2015. Everyone knows that modern life involves juggling a busy schedule, but speed limits are there to protect us all from serious accidents on the roads.

Also, speed can affect driving safety when you are driving too fast for conditions. When it is snowing, raining or even at night, it often is necessary to drive slower than the speed limit to be safe.

It is important for all drivers to remember that speeding always increases the risk of an accident for several reasons, and those accidents can cause serious and fatal injuries in some cases. Here’s why:

  • Greater potential for losing control of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle safety equipment is less effective at higher speeds.
  • Stopping distance is greater at higher speeds.
  • Crash severity is worse at higher speeds.

When a driver is speeding or driving too fast for conditions, a serious car accident is more likely. If you are cited for speeding in a serious accident that leads to serious injuries, it is highly likely that you will be sued for personal injury in a lawsuit. Our personal injury attorneys handled a $1 million Virginia Beach car accident case where the defendant failed to yield to our client. She suffered serious orthopedic injuries that required her to be carefully removed from the vehicle by EMTs. She had to have several surgeries and had months of recovery, including the use of a wheelchair. Our personal injury lawyers were pleased to obtain her a fair personal injury settlement, but if drivers would obey the law, such accidents would not happen.

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