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In the small community known as Battleboro just outside of Rocky Mount, North Carolina (N.C.), there has been another gruesome discovery of a 5th female body related to four similar deaths that have spanned this area over the last 4 years. This latest discovery only deepens this mystery of these murders.

Sheriff James Knight of Edgecombe County told WRAL-TV recently that all these women were murdered with their specific causes of death not released to the public. Their deaths still remain unsolved.

The first four victim’s bodies were identified as black women, and crime experts believe the fifth victim also is a black woman. This last victim was found Monday in a wooded area. The bodies have been discovered since 2005.

Both the district attorney and the Rocky Mount Police Department met Tuesday to discuss the ongoing investigation along with the involvement of the State Bureau of Investigation.

Details of the first four victims have been identified as:

· Melody Wiggins, 29, found May 30, 2005, in an area south of U.S. Highway 64.

· Jackie Nikelia Thorpe, 35, found Aug. 17, 2007, between Battleboro and Whitakers. She had been reported missing May 8, 2007, from Rocky Mount.

· Ernestine Battle, 50, found March 14, 2008, also between Battleboro and Whitakers.

· Taraha Shenice Nicholson, 28, of Rocky Mount, found March 7, 2009.

We do not know what lead up to the deaths of these 5 black women from this small town in eastern North Carolina. To prevent any further tragedy here as some safety precautions to keep in mind:

· Avoid sleeping with your windows open.

· Have peep holes on your doors and use them. If you do not recognize who is at your door, do not open it, even with the chain on. Most chain locks can easily be kicked in.

· Do not open the door to service people unless you are expecting them. Call their employer and verify their identity and the reason they need to enter your home.

· If a stranger asks to use your phone, do not let the person enter. Offer to make the call for them.

· Do not buzz someone into the building or hold the lobby door open unless you know the person.

· Have the number to 911 programmed into your telephone.

· Be mentally prepared of the possibility of being attacked and what possible actions you would take if confronted.

· Install safety approved gates or bars on windows that can be reached from fire escapes on from the ground floor.

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    Dr. Maurice Godwin

    A geographical profile in the unsolved female murders in Rocky Mount, North Carolina has been developed. The profile can be viewed by linking to:

    A geographical profile uses the body dump locations in order to predict where the killer likely has a connection such as home, work, friends, or family.


    Dr. Maurice Godwin

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