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Accidents that happen while on vacation are especially tough to bare. Not only are they life changing, but they rob us from that special time you could have shared with your family somewhere like Nags Head beach on the Outer Banks. When such an unexpected accident occurs, events may move very fast and at the same time appear that everything seems to be at a standstill. What happens after the accident can be the source of a great deal of trauma and pain in your life. In regards to a slip and fall accident, there are some crucial steps that you should take to protect your rights.

Whether you find yourself on vacation or not, there are many ways that people slip and fall. The most common of these accidents happen in public places such as grocery stores, malls, or other public areas where the floor might be wet. If you find yourself to be a victim of a slip and fall accident, it’s critical that you understand your right to be compensated for this injury. If you have been injured from the fall, then let an ambulance come to tend to your needs. It’s important to not try and move or for that matter anyone else outside of a trained paramedic or health professional. It is also imperative that the police are alerted as it may be necessary to have them provide you a report later on.

Contact your insurance agent as soon as you are able and give them all the accident details for their claim to be filed. This is in case you are unable to get back to work right away as you may be entitles to a compensation claim. Also, you will need to get in touch with your employer as soon as possible to let them know you might be out for a little while. If the slip and fall accident is bad enough you may have to file a claim with your employer for compensation under any disability program you might be eligible for.

Finally, the next thing and quite possibly the most important thing to do is contact your attorney. If it is the case that you don’t have an attorney, then you can check Google with the keywords regarding you specific type of accident and the words lawyer. This can similarly be done in the yellow pages if you have no online access. Make sure you check their references and those they have successful experience in your area of need (in this case injury slip and fall accidents). In most cases they will come to your hospital room if required or needed, and advise you or your legal course of action you need to take. To make sure you’re treated properly with respect with regard to your accident. Usually all this work and discussion is done up front by an attorney under no obligation.

Again, it is imperative to read all documents carefully and to be fully cognizant of any time constraints that may exist in receiving compensation from your claim. There are some insurers that require you to file a claim of injury within a very specific amount of time, like ten days after the slip and fall accident happened. Critically important is that you should not sign any legal agreements if you are not absolutely clear on what exactly the agreement conveys, such as a possible settlement.

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