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Hospital admissions, a skin graft surgery, and permanent facial scarring are the horrors that a parent might face if their child suffers a serious burn or electrocution injury. Such heavy burdens face the families whose son or daughter does not die from a fire or electrical accident. Sometimes the injury is not just an accident but is the fault of someone other than the child who didn’t take reasonable precautions for safety.

For example, a major case in Virginia in recent years involved the power company who failed to properly secure an extremely dangerous area where electrical current was likely to cause massive injuries. Kids were known to get into the utility’s property. Another situation which occurs with unfortunate regularity is the child who is burned in their own home as a result of bad electrical or plumbing work done or the failure of the landlord in a rental unit to have mandated smoke detectors. Kids are more likely than adults to die in household fires because they have a harder time escaping and also are less able to recover from a burn injury than a healthy adult. Some of the most infamous cases involving burn injuries to children involve defective products like cars that have malfunctioning heated seats or gas tanks designed in such a way or manufactured so poorly that they make a fire more likely than it should be. Another example of faulty products would be children’s pajamas which catch on fire too easily or fireworks which are made and sold in such a way that they are not even fit for the regular use by a consumer paying attention for his own safety.

Any time a child is injured it is especially hard on their family and loved ones. No one should have to undergo severe burns unnecessarily, but the suffering is even harder to take when it happens to a young person who has going to have to face the rest of their life dealing with the consequences. More information about this topic is provided on our firm’s web site in a recent article posted by my law partner John Cooper.

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