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North Carolina (NC) has started a rating system for nursing homes. So far, 585 of the 1,300 nursing homes registered in North Carolina (NC) have been reviewed. The rating system gives nursing homes zero to four stars based on nutrition, personal care, supervision and building safety.

Megan Lamphere, the ratings administrator for the state Division of Health Service Regulation’s Adult Care Licensure Section told reporters this week, “Anything that puts more information out there for the public is great. There’s lots of care options out there for people, and that’s why it’s important to see if it’s a good fit for you or your loved one."

As a personal injury attorney, I couldn’t agree more. Nursing home abuse and neglect have been on the rise in recent years and this new rating system for North Carolina (NC) may help to improve those statistics. Of the 585 nursing homes inspected, seven have already received zero stars, including Floyd McKissick Assisted Living Center in Warren County, North Carolina (NC).

After the Floyd McKissick Assisted Living Center received zero stars in the ranking, inspectors shut down the building and relocated its 30 elderly residents. A new management team has been brought in to try and reopen and claim a higher ranking.

While this ranking system will go along way in helping loved one’s choose where to place their elderly family members, they should still keep a watchful eye. My colleague, Emily Mapp Brannon, wrote an article recently shedding a light on some of the realities of nursing home abuse; The Harsh Realities of Nursing Home Abuse. This article is an eye opener to what can go one with our elderly loved ones behind closed doors.

If you have elderly family members residing in a North Carolina (NC) nursing home and suspect they may be a victim of nursing home neglect read this article from my colleague John Cooper; Helping an Elderly Family Member That Has Been Neglected. John Cooper’s article will help you determine if your loved one is being abused and show you what you can do about it.

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    Beware any nursing homes owned by Sun Healthcare Group Inc out of New Mexico. They produce profits at the expense of elder abuse and manslaughter.

    Their medical director, Dr Scott Stoney, in Newport Beach, Calif, declared Sun responsible for my mother, Evelyn Calvert's, death in 2006. I'd forewarned the CEO of SUN in writing one year before she died of a broken HVAC system and lack of staffing. These eventually led to her death. Staff also used a broken blood pressure monitor which didn't detect her high blood pressure when she needed medications, she stroked, making her unable to swallow for the final nine months of her life. She caught the superbug MRSA from them and had a horrific death suffering for months.

    Yes, I can testify SUN has little regard for human life, inside and out of the nursing homes. They prevented me from receiving treble damages (triple) when my attorney was apparently working for them and threatened me for the CEO in mediation, I sued him for malpractice when I regained my strength and he died 2 weeks later.

    The board of directors of Sun Heatlhcare, a publicly traded corporation, has been informed in the past month of these crimes. Will they hold two board members accountable for their actions? I have written documents Dr Hunker made the statement while under a Calif State Injunction that the condemned HVAC system was not a problem historically, repairing it not necessary. While this contributed to my mother's pneumonia from lack of ventilation.

    Do third world countries have HVAC systems? Sun Healthcare Group Inc are slumlords.

    Deborah Calvert

    Newport Beach, California

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