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A recent study indicated alterations to cigarettes over the years have led to an even higher risk of a certain type of lung cancer, according to ABC News. Up to half of the lung cancer cases in the United States could be attributed to these changes.

Smokers are at a higher risk of developing the lung tumor “Adenocarcinoma,” according to Dr. David Burns of the University of California. Studies correlated this increase with the introduction of filtered, lower-tar cigarettes. This may seem illogical since cigarettes that are filtered and have "lower tar" are better for you, right? Not so. Smokers routinely inhale more deeply to get a nicotine jolt, pushing cancer-causing smoke deeper than in previous years.

Considering tobacco is one of the largest industries in the state of Virginia (VA) this is an issue that needs to be explored further. If additional studies draw a direct correlation to the cigarette alterations and the lung tumor Adenocarcinoma, then the tobacco industry needs to be held accountable.

Of course, numerous lawsuits have been filed against the tobacco industry, but as additional studies come to light strengthening the causal link between cigarettes and cancer, then action needs to be taken.

I wrote an article about the scourge of lung cancer caused by cigarettes and Alan Landers, the popular cigarette spokesman known as "Winston," who died due to lung cancer.

Fortunately, we’re seeing a shift in Virginia (VA) when it comes to cigarettes. The General Assembly passed legislation which implements stronger restrictions on smoking in restaurants and bars. With the new studies, an official ban on smoking could be revived in later legislative sessions.

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