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The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act which was passed February 10, 2009 states that any clothing or toys with unacceptable lead levels cannot be sold. Goodwill stores are pulling anything that may be questionable. Because the tools that test such levels are so expensive the only option they have is to pull the products.

Jim Shaver, Vice President of Marketing for Goodwill, stated the children’s clothing and toys account for $2 million of Goodwill’s revenue. The Goodwill store on the Outer Banks has a sign posted at the checkout and at the drop off area stating that they no longer accept or sell any toys.

The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that lead is invisible to the naked eye and has no smell. Children receive lead into their system by touching products with lead and then either by placing their hands in their mouths or putting the actual toy in their mouth. Lead has been found to cause nervous system and kidney damage, learning disabilities, behavioral problems and many more side effects.

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