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When we are representing a client who has suffered a spinal cord injury that has resulted in paraplegia or quadriplegia, we have a heavy responsibility to make sure to do the very best job possible for that seriously injured client. The best law firms use focus groups as a way to decide how to motivate the insurance company to pay a maximum amount to the injured person, or to convince the jury to do so if the insurer fails to make a fair settlement. Spinal cord injuries can happen in various kinds of accidents in North Carolina (NC) including in a car or truck wrecks, slip and fall injuries, work place injuries including doing railroad work, or as a result of a doctor or hospital’s mistake. Focus groups are a way to present the facts to the kinds of regular citizens of North Carolina who might be on the jury to see what they think is important and what they need to know in order to do the right thing to take care of a person injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault and who is going to need a lifetime of care to treat their spinal cord injury. To read more about our firm’s use of focus groups in catastrophic cases, please click here.

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  1. Gravatar for Jerry

    I desparately need an injury attorney to represent me in my lawsuit for injury and Medical Malpractice in Idaho.

    Can you help me yourself as I am being the paralyzed victim of Idaho politics and a ridiculous Damages Cap here.

    I can share in the costs of my case if you will represent me. If I can not get representation soon, the judge will probably kill my case. I am 100 percent mentally and physically disabled , brain damage and paralysis due to Emergency room failure to perform differential evaluation analysis when I had all the symptoms to alert the doctor to do blood test for West Nile Disease and Encephelitis.

    The ER Physician spent no more than 1 or 2 minutes and after an IV, he sent me home saying I only have heat exhaustion. After 7 days of the wrong diagnosis and the exactly wrong recovery direction, I woke up a week later falling to the floor now permanently paralyzed in my legs. After 8 days in a coma near death and after 10 weeks in the VA hospital, now I struggle to exist alone with no one helping me except VA Hospital doctor.

    PLEASE CONTACT ME and help me any way tou can. I NEED an attorney from outside Idaho! I can not fight this battle alone any longer!

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