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200_03232009100850To the general public Johnson & Johnson Company may bring to mind baby commercials featuring tear free shampoo.  However Johnson & Johnson is also a U.S multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer.  Recently Janssen, the companies’ pharmaceutical unit, voluntarily recalled one lot of schizophrenia drug Risperdal Consta after discovering mold during a routine testing process.

If this were an isolated incident it wouldn’t be quite as troubling but just a week earlier Johnson & Johnson recalled 200,000 bottles of liquid Motrin for infants because they may contain tiny particles of plastic.  The plastic particles in Motrin were about the size of a poppy seed.  Parents often test toys to make sure they are safe but as a father myself I would probably not think twice about opening a brand new bottle of infant’s Motrin without a second thought.  The company says the plastic is the same type also used in Teflon coatings. No illnesses or injuries have been reported to date, according to the company.  But still I can’t imagine the amount of worry parents will suffer if they gave their babies this contaminated medicine.

Johnson & Johnson cites the manufacturing process at the third party supplier as to how the particles got into the ibuprofen which is a main ingredient in the infant Motrin.  Hundreds of prescription drugs, medical devices and products are recalled every year and people suffer as a result.  This company like any other should be held accountable if anyone is hurt by their products.  They certainly take accountability for the profits their products generate.  These two recalls made in such a short time period raises questions about how safe the manufacturing arm of the company is functioning.  The company had previously made a consent decree with the FDA to improve manufacturing at three plants after a string of recalls from contact lenses to Tylenol.


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