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Fatal Charlotte Accident Caused by Drunk Driver (DWI)

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What Happened

An accident that caused the death of a 66-year-old man has the at-fault driver facing several serious charges.

According to police the accident occurred on Brookshire Boulevard, when the driver of a Chevy Suburban was speeding and rear ended a GMC. The impact was so hard both vehicles traveled 400 feet down the road, and over a median. The GMC overturned, and the Suburban continued and hit another vehicle head-on before it finally stopped after it hit a third vehicle.

Tragically the driver of the GMC died on the scene and was identified as Leslie Dahm, 66. The three other drivers were all taken to a local hospital. The at-fault driver of the accident was charged with drunk driving; driving while intoxicated and will have additional charges upon his release from the hospital.

The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Dahm family and the other victims. It grieves us to hear about a loss of life from the carelessness of a drunk driver. The frequency of drinking and driving is a major concern plaguing our country. The Dahm family should contact a North Carolina (NC) wrongful death lawyer to discuss their legal options for a wrongful death claim. Although we know there is no monetary amount that can replace their loved one, it is possible to get compensation for funeral, loss of support and loss of future income to help support those who were left behind. When we represent a family who has become victims of a drunk driver it is our goal to gain the maximum in possible monetary compensation for pain and suffering. Drunk driving is the most irresponsible and heinous decision one can make and should not go unpunished. Our firm has successfully represented many victims of drunk drivers. One case that immediately comes to mind is a client of ours had left the gym and was walking down the sidewalk when a drunk driver drove up on the sidewalk striking our client and injuring his leg. It required four separate surgeries to repair the damage from the accident. In the end we were able to settle a large sum for our client without going to trial.

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