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Injuries or Wrongful Death Caused by Toxic Substances in North Carolina (NC)

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Our Virginia-Carolina injury lawyers have handled personal injury cases involving toxic substances in a wide spectrum of accidental injury cases, from chlorine spills due to a train derailment, to toxic asbestos materials that have caused asbestosis or the lung cancer called mesothelioma, to dangerous toxic substances and medications that have caused catastrophic injuries or accidental overdose deaths such as the medication fentanyl.

If a company routinely works with toxic substances, in many states the company can be held strictly liable for dealing with toxic substance. Strict liability means that the company may not need to be careless or negligent to be held liable for personal injuries or a death because those persons dealing with toxic or inherently dangerous substances must be held to a higher duty of care than companies or persons dealing with things that are not so inherently dangerous. Dangerous things require higher levels of care.

Please look at some of our case results involving toxic or hazardous materials that have caused injuries or deaths.

For other articles about toxic substances, including drug/medication that has caused accidental overdoses and for which wrongful death suits have been brought, click on our sister blog, the Virginia beach Injuryboard blog.

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