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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Rages Over Child’s Brain Death

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The parents of a toddler in Canada are filing a lawsuit against the STARS ambulance flight service, after their child was left brain damaged after a May 2013 flight. The lawsuit also is against a doctor, paramedic and flight nurse on the flight.

How much the parents are asking for is not known, but it is probably a multi-million dollar case. Court documents stated that the couple are making an ‘in trust’ claim, meaning that they will try to prove their own lost incomes, their son’s potential earning power and the cost of his future medical care.

The lawsuit stems from a helicopter flight that had a tragic ending. Their child, Morgan Moar-Campbell, 2, was flown from Brandon, British Columbia to Winnipeg on a STARS helicopter after he had a seizure.

Doctors at the hospital in Brandon put him in an induced coma and intubated him. The tube was found to have been pulled out after the helicopter landed in Winnipeg. This meant that the child was deprived of oxygen for 30 minutes and he was effectively brain dead except for his brain stem.

The lawsuit claims that no one on the life flight saw that the intubation tube was dislodged and nothing was done, resulting in major brain damage.

In addition to the STARS service, the claim also names ER doctor Shane Mutze, nurse Gail Thomson and paramedic Elizabeth Speers.

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