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Wayne County School Bus Accident Hospitalizes Three Students

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Last Wednesday, Wayne County students riding to Spring Creek Elementary had a thrilling and possibly harrowing deviation from their normal morning routine. With almost a full busload of Wayne County children the bus swiped the edge of an oncoming dump truck averting a near head-on collision.

The N.C. Highway Patrol reported that this mishap sent three Spring Creek Elementary children to the hospital that morning with sustained injuries. It was reported later that they were minor in nature.

Highway Patrolman A.R. Fowler said a dump truck and a school bus hit each other’s mirrors on Slick Rock Rd. near Highway 111. At the time of the accident the bus was transporting approximately forty children to Spring Creek Elementary. Transponders received their first call at 7:40 am requesting assistance.

The police records show that the windows in the bus were down, and flying glass hit some children. This is what caused their trip to the hospital.

Interesting enough, the dump truck did not stop after the accident according to Trooper Fowler, which classifies the accident as a hit and run. The only description of the dump truck the school bus driver was able to provide so far was that the truck was red and white.

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