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Eric Washburn

North Carolina Injury Attorney Discusses Catastrophic Injuries

Far too many victims of vehicle accidents end up with catastrophic injuries that forever change their lives. Catastrophic injuries are usually severe injuries to the brain or spine. Many times they result in the amputation, blindness, paralysis, or death. Victims […]

Rick Shapiro

CSX and Norfolk Southern Control Train Safety Technology in North Carolina

Positive train control or PTC has been in the news in recent days after a deadly train derailment and crash in Washington state. In that Amtrak train, PTC was implemented but it was not running yet. In North Carolina, PTC […]

Randy Appleton

End of 100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers

Labor Day weekend marks the end of the summer and a return to school. According to AAA, Labor Day also marks the end of the “100 deadliest days” for teen drivers. Statistics show that the 100 days between Memorial Day […]

Randy Appleton

North Carolina Boating Accidents Over Memorial Lead to 1 Death

Law enforcement officials in North Carolina are warning citizens in the state to be careful on the water after several boating and water-related accidents across the state on Memorial Day weekend left one dead and several injured.  One of the incidents […]

Randy Appleton

Eletrocution Death At North Carolina Pool Raises Safety Worries

There are increasing calls to improve public safety after a tragic pool death in North Carolina due to electrocution where a lifeguard died.  Experts say it is a very dangerous and invisible problem that can lead to paralysis or death […]

Randy Appleton

5 Year Old North Carolina Boy Killed in Atlanta Rotating Restaurant

A five year old boy was killed after he was crushed to death on April 14 in a rotating restaurant at the top of a tower in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The child was caught between a table and a wall […]

Randy Appleton

Boaters Should Be Aware of Tougher BUI Penalties in North Carolina

As spring is approaching, it is imperative for North Carolina boaters to be aware that the state legislature enacted tougher drunk boating laws in the state in 2016.  Last summer, the state enacted a new laws that increases drunk boating […]

Rick Shapiro

North Carolina Woman Killed by Drunk Driver

Police in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina have identified a car passenger who was killed on March 16 in a drunk driving crash. The woman’s name was Wendy Stokes, 34, and she died at the DUI crash scene at the intersection of […]

Randy Appleton

GOP Kills Truck Safety Rules for Fatigued Drivers

The trucking industry was victorious last month when GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill were able to block Obama administration safety rules that were designed to keep fatigued truck drivers off the roads. Experts say that more deregulation is on the […]

Randy Appleton

Dram Shop Liability in North Carolina

On November 16th, a 59-year-old Fayette man walked into a barroom in his hometown and proceeded to order multiple drinks while sitting at the bar. During this time, the man was served these drinks by two different bartenders. The owner […]