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Jim Lewis

Crucial Steps to Follow in a Slip and Fall Accident While Visiting the Outer Banks

Accidents that happen while on vacation are especially tough to bare. Not only are they life changing, but they rob us from that special time you could have shared with your family…

Randy Appleton

Summer Deck Parties Could Spell Disaster

A deck is a wonderful extension to a home and can make a floor plan feel even more open when you are able to entertain outside. Most decks on the Outer Banks, North Carolina are elevated to the…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro

12 year-old boy suffers brain injury from fall at Burger King Playground, Burger King settles suit for $20 Million

The family of a 12 year-old who fell off of an indoor playground at a Riverside County, California Burger King received a $20 million settlement. In 2005 the boy and his sister were playing on…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro, P.C.

Don’t Let a Restaurant Injury Tarnish Your Next Vacation on the Outer Banks

Whether you are on vacation or a full-time resident of the Outer Banks of North Carolina when going out to eat at a restaurant, you go out for different reasons. Sometimes it’s because no one…

Randy Appleton

Burn Injuries to Children, Devastating Accidents for Families

Hospital admissions, a skin graft surgery, and permanent facial scarring are the horrors that a parent might face if their child suffers a serious burn or electrocution injury. Such heavy burdens…

Jim Lewis

The Outer Banks, North Carolina prepares pools for the summer season and parents are warned of potential hazards

If you have visited the Outer Banks, NC then you are probably familiar with the number of pools that are provided when renting a home. A pool in the backyard is a common sight in towns such as Duck,…

Rick Shapiro

Why Is Accidental Injury–Not Disease–Hong Kong’s Leading Cause of Death for Children (And What We Can Learn From This)

Accidental injury has been recorded as the leading cause of death for children in Hong Kong, amazing as that statistic may seem. Pediatricians there are pleading with parents to take note of hazards…

Jim Lewis

Property/Business Owner Liability: Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries, And Other Business Property Injury Claims

Our Virginia/Carolina personal injury lawyers have represented persons suffering slip, trip or fall injuries, as well as other injuries caused by dangerous conditions on property owned by…