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Rick Shapiro

Intentional Hit-and-Run Injures South Carolina Moped Rider

An April 27, 2015, crash on Highway 29 in Belton, South Carolina (SC), involving a moped and a car appears to have been no accident. According to television station WYFF, Anderson County police investigating the collision that left the moped […]

Jim Lewis

Common Causes of Serious Motorcycle Wrecks

As you’re traveling to the Outer Banks or Rocky Mount, you’ll likely encounter at least one motorcycle on the road. Keep this in mind as you share the road with a motorcyclist, or you plan to take a ride on […]

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro, P.C.

NCDOT Celebrates "Safety on Two Wheels

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has announced “Safety on two wheels” as the theme this month. May is officially known as both “National Bike Month”…

Guest Author

Motorcycle Accidents Are Dangerous: But how Common Are They?

Riding a motorcycle presents unique challenges that drivers of other motor vehicles do not confront. Less stability, less structural protection, less visibility on the road, and greater…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro

Motorcycle Accident Product Liability Cases

There has been a huge increase in recent years in the number of Americans enjoying the open road and riding motorcycles. Part of the change has to do with easier transportation and fuel…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro

Physical Therapist’s Role in Treating Orthopaedic Injuries and in an Injury Trial

As attorneys representing victims, we spend most of our time and energy thinking about our clients and their injuries. We investigate the negligence (usually just simple carelessness) that caused…

Rick Shapiro

Sharing the Road in North Carolina- Scary Statistics About Motorcycle Accidents

To some, there is no greater rush then taking a motorcycle out on an open North Carolina (NC) highway on a clear, sunny day. Riding a motorcycle along Highway 441 through the Great Smokey Mountains…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro, P.C.

Teenager Dead After Motorcycle Collided with School Bus

Marc Chaplin was enjoying a ride on his motorcycle in Horry County, South Carolina (SC) when his life came to a tragic, sudden end. His motorcycle collided with a school bus and caused major head…

Rick Shapiro

Child Struck By Motorcycle While Waiting For the School Bus

A middle school student was walking to their bus stop in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) when they were struck by a motorcycle.

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department the…

Randy Appleton

Motorcyclist Critically Injured in Wilmington, North Carolina

A man was seriously injured in a motorcycle wreck in Wilmington, North Carolina (NC).

The man, David Tollefson, was traveling on Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington when a car pulled out in…