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Eric Washburn

North Carolina Personal Injury Claims: Documenting the Injury

Whether you sustain a personal injury at work, from a vehicle accident of some type, at the hands of another individual, or even from a dog bite, pursuing a personal injury claim is often time-consuming and difficult. Most are aware […]

Randy Appleton

Norovirus Outbreak Traced to Chapel Hill Restaurant

A restaurant in Chapel Hill, N.C. has been linked to an outbreak of the norovirus. Since May 7th, health officials say 41 people have reported getting sick after eating at the Nantucket Grill or…

Rick Shapiro

Be careful what foods you give your toddler.

Parents of picky toddlers who eschew fruits and veggies in favor of pre-packaged pizza and pasta need to be more vigilant about reading food labels. New research reveals these salt-laden foods…

Rick Shapiro

A victory for the victim: Keeping more of the settlement.

Thirteen years ago, North Carolina resident Emily Armstrong was rendered blind, deaf, and mentally handicapped at the hands of the obstetrician who delivered her via Caesarian section. Her family…

Guest Author

An interesting twist in Obamacare

Within the next year the Affordable Care Act will take a step towards health care equality by attempting to prohibit small-group insurers from charging women higher premiums than men for…

Randy Appleton

Could we get the dredging we need to make Oregon Inlet more safe?

For local residents, it can seem like the Oregon Inlet Saga is a never ending one. Several times a year we see articles about increased shoaling in our waterways. Those articles are…

Guest Author

PTSD is not just a soldier's diagnosis.

Over the last several years, the media has drawn a lot of attention to an important psychological condition that has had an overwhelming impact on the men and women who have served our…

Guest Author

The NFL: When a Game Becomes a Lawsuit

Full disclosure: I’m a 49ers football fan.

So when I read this ESPN article about how former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams instructed his team to try to…

Randy Appleton

The Oregon Inlet Saga Continues

The Oregon Inlet saga continues.

Last week, the Virginian-Pilot reported that dredging will once again commence in the next few months in order to keep the North Carolina waterways connecting…

Guest Author

Golf Isn’t Supposed to Be Dangerous, Is It?

Sometimes serious legal issues can arise from the most unlikely of situations. Like this news story about a man stabbed with a golf club shaft during a brawl that broke out on a golf course in…