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Randy Appleton

Medical Malpractice: Alaska Passes an Apology Law for Medical Professionals

The Alaska Legislature is following the lead of states like Pennsylvania and has now passed a bill that would make expressions of apology or compassion inadmissible as evidence in medical malpractice cases.  HB250, from Rep. Kurt Olson, has been labeled […]

Jim Lewis

FDA Announces Recalls of the Da Vinci Surgery Robots Due to Stuck Instrument Arms

One of the new advances in medicine that you may have heard of is a robot that can perform minimally invasive surgery.  The name of this machine is the da Vinci robot.  Unfortunately, the increased use of da Vinci surgical […]

Jim Lewis

Survey Reveals Some Doctors Mislead Patients and Hide Information From Them

A nationwide survey of nearly 2,000 physicians revealed that close to 20 percent of physicians disagreed with the notion that they should never tell a patient something that is not true. If that…

Guest Author

Artificial Hip Replacements Still a Major Concern In North Carolina (NC) and Beyond

In August of 2010, the company DePuy Orthopedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, issued a recall of 93,000 DePuy hip replacement systems. Studies of the recalled systems indicated…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro

Medtronic recalls heart cable and thousands of patients are now faced with a risky surgery

In 2007 Medtronic, the company that made Sprint Fidelis heart defibrillator cable stopped selling the product after five patients who had the cables died. But now that the cable is off of the…

Randy Appleton

The FDA Regulates the Marketing and Sales of Medical Devices Which Can Impact Outer Banks Residents among Others

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the marketing and sales of medical devices which can have an impact on the residents of the Outer Banks, North Carolina (NC) as well as all…