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Rick Shapiro

Did a Degraded Railroad Crossing Cause a Crash That Injured Train Crew Members?

A collision between a Union Pacific freight train and a tractor-trailer in Mer Rouge, Louisiana (LA), on October 5, 2014, left two rail crew members critically injured. The conductor needed to be flown by helicopter to shreveport, more than an […]

Patrick Austin

Public Should Become More Aware of Railroad Safety

In North Carolina, there have been 10 deaths this year due to trains hitting pedestrians, and there have been a total of 16 train-pedestrian accidents. In 2013, there were 21 pedestrian deaths, and 33 total accidents. North Carolina officials say […]

Patrick Austin

Train Carrying Fertilizers Derails in Greenville, NC

Greenville, North Carolina (NC) police and fire officials continue to investigate a train derailment that occurred April 30. The accident occurred between Charles Blvd. and Evans St. in Greenville. The train was carrying ammonium polyphosphate, which is an agricultural ingredient […]

Guest Author

US Government Revisits Bus Safety Rules After Deadly CA Wreck

Federal officials in various transportation-related agencies are looking into ways to reduce injuries and death in bus wrecks this week. This is in the wake of a fiery crash that killed 10 in northern California, where a FedEx big rig […]

Guest Author

Child Injuries and Deaths: Grief and Dealing with Personal Injury and Death Claims for Minors

There is truly nothing more traumatic for a parent than to lose a child in a preventable accident and there is truly no words to express the grief over the death of a child.  William Shakespeare wrote about the matter: […]

Rick Shapiro

Engineer and Train Crew Injuries After Railroad Accidents Often Go Unnoticed

A white cross near a railroad crossing is a silent reminder that a victim of a railroad accident lost their life.  Regardless of who was at fault, the driver for not obeying traffic signals or the railroad for an unsafe […]

Guest Author

Coalition Opposes Truck Weight Increases – Takes Fight to Capitol Hill

Congress is working this month on the next surface transportation reauthorization. Consequently, a large coalition of public health and safety groups, law enforcement, truck drivers and truck crash victims are descending on Capitol Hill this week to oppose increase to […]

Rick Shapiro

Railroad Safety: Are Railroads Doing Enough at Crossings and Heavy Pedestrian Areas?

In the movie, Stand By Me, there is a famous scene where four boys try a short cut and walk out on a railroad track over a ravine.  This proves to be a mistake as the oncoming train almost runs […]

Rick Shapiro

Railroad Accident: Chicago Commuter Train Crashes at Airport: Injures 32 People

Talk about a rough ride.  Passengers that were on the Chicago Transit Authority railroad  line train got a rude awaking when their train derailed and crashed through a barrier and up an escalator at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.  The cause of […]

Jim Lewis

Federal Report Warns that NY Metro North Railroad Let Safety Erode

The NY Metro North Railroad, the second biggest commuter railroad in the US, has allowed safety to deteriorate significantly while pushing to keep trains running on time. This resulted in a lax culture of poor inspections, bad training, and overuse […]