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Randy Appleton

Survivors of Deadly Bus Crash Sue Church

Twelve football players and several coaches who survived a bus crash in North Carolina are suing the church that operated the bus.  The lawsuit filed last week stated that Sandy River Baptist Church in Chester County NC did not maintain […]

Randy Appleton

Four Killed in North Carolina Bus Crash

A bus driver, two football players and a 10 year old died after a bus carrying a junior college football team from South Carolina crashed on US Highway 74 near Hamlet NC.  The North Carolina State Police stated that the […]

Randy Appleton

Hand Signals To Be Used on North Carolina School Buses for Added Safety

Five students in North Carolina were hurt in 2015 by motorists who passed stopped school buses, and 13 North Carolina students have died due to drivers passing school buses since 1999. Those facts are the major reasons that starting Jan. […]

Rick Shapiro

Locomotive Engineers May Face Higher Cancer Risk From Exposure to Magnetic Fields

Many health and cancer risks posed by working on and around trains are well-known. No one doubts that railroad employees continue to develop deadly cases of mesothelioma after breathing in asbestos fibers. On-the-job exposures to diesel fumes and radiation are […]

Rick Shapiro

Raised Liability Cap on Passenger Train Crashes May Still Prove Inadequate

The federal highway bill approved at the beginning of December 2015 included two good news/bad news provisions for travelers who use passenger and commuter trains. On the positive side, the $305 billion spending package intended to cover the next five […]

Rick Shapiro

What Costs More: Railroad Overpasses or Human Lives?

A few days after a California commuter train rammed a truck whose driver had abandoned it at a railroad crossing outside Oxnard, California (CA), on February 24, 2015, Insurance Journal published an analysis titled “Replacing Unsafe Train Crossings Deemed too […]

Randy Appleton

Feds’ List of Train, Truck and Plane Safety Wishes Is Long But Achievable

The National Transportation Safety Board on January 13, 2015, introduced its newest Most Wanted list of improvements by stating, “Rail tank cars that carry crude oil, ethanol and other hazardous materials across the country must do it more safely.” Other […]

Rick Shapiro

12 Children Injured, One Killed When School Bus Hits Train in North Dakota

A 17-year-old high school student died, and 12 other schoolchildren suffered serious injuries, when the school bus in which they were riding crashed into a BNSF freight train near the town of Larimore, North Dakota (ND), on the afternoon of […]

Rick Shapiro

Did a Degraded Railroad Crossing Cause a Crash That Injured Train Crew Members?

A collision between a Union Pacific freight train and a tractor-trailer in Mer Rouge, Louisiana (LA), on October 5, 2014, left two rail crew members critically injured. The conductor needed to be flown by helicopter to shreveport, more than an […]

Patrick Austin

Public Should Become More Aware of Railroad Safety

In North Carolina, there have been 10 deaths this year due to trains hitting pedestrians, and there have been a total of 16 train-pedestrian accidents. In 2013, there were 21 pedestrian deaths, and 33 total accidents. North Carolina officials say […]