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Eric Washburn

North Carolina Injury Attorney Discusses Catastrophic Injuries

Far too many victims of vehicle accidents end up with catastrophic injuries that forever change their lives. Catastrophic injuries are usually severe injuries to the brain or spine. Many times they result in the amputation, blindness, paralysis, or death. Victims […]

Randy Appleton

Brain Injury Lawsuits Reveal the Risk of Treadmills

Going to the gym is supposed to be good for our health, but each year, thousands of Americans suffer injuries at fitness centers. They fall off equipment, drop heavy weights, or push themselves beyond their limits. The results can be […]

Guest Author

Former Wrestlers Sue WWE over Neurological Damage

A lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE) was filed earlier this week, with more than 50 plaintiffs blaming the organization for neurological injuries they suffered caused by performing in the WWE’s wrestling rings. The lawsuit also accuses the WWE, […]

Rick Shapiro

Long-Term Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury, commonly referred to as a TBI, occurs when there is a sudden, blunt trauma to the brain. An estimated 2.4 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control […]

Guest Author

Don’t Forget Your Helmet: New Study Shows Even Mild Brain Injury Causes Brain Damage

The Journal of Neurology recently published a study from Newcastle University that found that even mild brain injury causes brain damage. The study tested 53 people, age 16 to 68, who suffered mild or moderate concussions and sought emergency room […]

Jim Lewis

Hospitals Conduct Study to Test Medication to Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury

Regions Hospital in Minnesota is one of a handful of hospitals around the country participating in a study to see if a medication can help prevent long-term damages from traumatic brain injury. Participants in the study are trying to determine […]

Mark Favaloro

Recent Study Discusses Danger of Minor Traumatic Brain Injuries

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons discussed the fact that hundreds of thousands of people in the United States suffer minor traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) every year. The journal article notes how […]

Mark Favaloro

Dazed And Confused Fruit Flies Reveal Important Information About Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Los Angeles Times recently discussed a bizarre new study conducted by University of Wisconsin geneticist Barry Ganetzky. The hope is that the curious approach of knocking fruit flies senseless can shed light onto how to protect humans from the […]

Jim Lewis

The Subtle Torture of a Head Injury

On Sunday, August 18th, NFL sideline reporter Pam Oliver was hit by a pass thrown by the Colt’s backup Quarterback, Chandler Harnish. The football struck her flush in the side of the face, and although Oliver initially refused to discuss […]

Randy Appleton

Pregnancy Hormone Can Help Treat Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are often sudden and change and end lives without warning. Almost two million people each year have a traumatic brain injury. Around the world, it is a leading cause of death. Now, new research is indicating […]