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Randy Appleton

Medicines Company Issued a Recall for Cleviprex Injectable Emulsion

The Medicines Company issued a voluntary recall for 11 types of Cleviprex injectable emulsion after they were found to be contaminated with particulate matter.
Cleviprex is an injectable drug that…

Randy Appleton

FDA Watch List on Potentially Dangerous Pharmaceutical Drugs Recently Updated

A list of drugs which may present potential health hazards was recently published by the FDA and can be accessed at the FDA’s website. The list includes some antidepressants which have been widely…

Randy Appleton

RockHard Weekend Dietary Supplement Recalled After Life-Threatening Ingredients Went Unlisted

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled three types of dietary supplements known as RockHard Weekend after the supplements were found to contain ingredients related to the active ingredients…

Rick Shapiro

North Carolina Based Sandwich Company Issuing a Recall

The Fisher-Rex Sandwich Co based in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC) has issued a recall for the pre-packaged sandwich products.

The sandwiches were tested by the Department of Agriculture and…

Jim Lewis

Ignoring a Recent Government–Backed Study the FDA Still Wants To Keep Your Kids On Ritalin

The FDA is urging parents to keep their children on attention deficit drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, despite new evidence that the stimulants can increase the risk of sudden…

Randy Appleton

Sense of Smell Loss Linked to Zicam Cold Remedies

Imagine that you or your loved one has a common cold and you go to the local drug store to purchase an over-the-counter medication to help you through the illness. Now imagine the illness turning…

Randy Appleton

NC Included in Product Recall of Soft Cheeses Contaminated With Listeria

Torres Hillsdale Country Cheese LLC, based in Reading, Mich., is recalling various types of its soft Mexican-style cheeses due to potential listeria contamination. A sample tested by the Food…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro, P.C.

Popular weight loss drug, Hydroxycut, causes liver damage

As a busy North Carolina personal injury firm, we try hard to keep informed of the news surrounding consumer products. The FDA recently recalled the well known weight loss drug, Hydroxycut. The…

Rick Shapiro

FDA Announces Recall of Popular Diet Pill Hydroxycut

As bikini and bathing suit weather fast approaches along the Outer Banks of North Carolina the idea of slimming down before venturing out to the ocean or pool is a common thought as each day grows…

Rick Shapiro

Fentanyl/Duragesic: Exposing the Truth About the Pain Patch of Sudden Accidental Death-Interview With Injury Trial Attorney James Orr

I am on a mission to use my forum as an editor on three Injuryboard regional injury law blogs to educate consumer/patients, doctors, pharmacists and medical providers about the extreme risk of…