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Rick Shapiro

Everything You Think You Know About E-cigarettes is Probably Wrong

Have you ever been told that you must wait 30 minutes after eating before you can swim?  Though often touted as the truth, it’s actually a common misconception without any merit – just like the misconception that e-cigarettes are a safe […]

Jim Lewis

Red Bull Slapped With $85 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In an alarming case out of New York, the family of a 33-year-old man who died during a basketball game after drinking Red Bull has filed a wrongful death suit against the company. The lawsuit, believed to be the first […]

Jim Lewis

Toyota Says Spiders’ Webs Of Destruction Responsible For Major Auto Recall

Oh what a tangled web spiders weave. Though it seems like an odd thing to be responsible for a massive auto recall, Toyota is announcing that an issue related to spiders is prompting the company to recall 870,000 vehicles. The […]

Guest Author

Detergent Pods Dubbed “Emerging Public Health Hazard” By CDC Officials

In an alarming bit of safety news for parents, ABC News is reporting that laundry detergent pods represent a serious and growing health risk for young children, something that has prompted calls for action on the part of manufacturers. According […]

Jim Lewis

More than 30,000 Women File Vaginal Mesh Defective Product Lawsuits

A medical product that was supposed to make women’s lives better has reduced the quality of life for many. Vaginal mesh and slings have had a very negative impact on the lives of many women and now lawyers for Boston […]

Jim Lewis

Dangers Of Used Cars And Auto Recalls

A recent consumer safety article discussed several terrifying incidents where individuals who had recently purchased a used car got into trouble after a recalled problem presented itself. In one case out of Oklahoma, a woman bought a used Dodge Durango. […]

Rick Shapiro

Chrysler’s refusal to issue recall is concerning. *Update*- Chrysler agrees on June 18 to recall

Update: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505145_162-57589828/chrysler-caves-agrees-to-recall-jeeps/

CBS news reported that on June 18, 2013, Chrysler agreed to issue the recall after all. This is…

Guest Author

What’s the Best Way to Monitor Recalls?

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times discussed the problem faced by many people, but especially worried parents: keeping up with seemingly endless recall notices. Every single year thousands…

Guest Author

Be wary of certain recalled toys during the holiday season.

A recent recall has parents concerned over the potential dangers of toy ingestion. The subject of the recall are toys that absorb water and expand to upwards of 400 times their original size….

Mark Favaloro

Is this the beginning of the end of 5-hour energy?

Following in the wake of recent energy drink related deaths, 5-hour energy is receiving national attention with its link to 13 deaths, and 30 life threatening incidents since 2008….