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Patrick Austin

Infuse Spinal Fusion Product May Pose Risk of Serious Injury

Almost 1,000 people have filed suit against Medtronic, a spinal implant manufacturer, and they’re expecting many more. The morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2) product, Infuse, used in spinal surgeries, has been wrought with claims of cancer, sterility in men, and unwanted bone […]

Patrick Austin

West Marine Recalls Folding Bicycles Due to Risk of Injury

When we use a product, we expect it to work and to be reasonably safe. If a product turns out to be defective, it can be a distressing realization, along with possibly suffering a serious personal injury from the defect. […]

Jim Lewis

FDA Announces Recalls of the Da Vinci Surgery Robots Due to Stuck Instrument Arms

One of the new advances in medicine that you may have heard of is a robot that can perform minimally invasive surgery.  The name of this machine is the da Vinci robot.  Unfortunately, the increased use of da Vinci surgical […]

Rick Shapiro

Everything You Think You Know About E-cigarettes is Probably Wrong

Have you ever been told that you must wait 30 minutes after eating before you can swim?  Though often touted as the truth, it’s actually a common misconception without any merit – just like the misconception that e-cigarettes are a safe […]

Jim Lewis

Red Bull Slapped With $85 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In an alarming case out of New York, the family of a 33-year-old man who died during a basketball game after drinking Red Bull has filed a wrongful death suit against the company. The lawsuit, believed to be the first […]

Jim Lewis

Toyota Says Spiders’ Webs Of Destruction Responsible For Major Auto Recall

Oh what a tangled web spiders weave. Though it seems like an odd thing to be responsible for a massive auto recall, Toyota is announcing that an issue related to spiders is prompting the company to recall 870,000 vehicles. The […]

Guest Author

Detergent Pods Dubbed “Emerging Public Health Hazard” By CDC Officials

In an alarming bit of safety news for parents, ABC News is reporting that laundry detergent pods represent a serious and growing health risk for young children, something that has prompted calls for action on the part of manufacturers. According […]

Jim Lewis

More than 30,000 Women File Vaginal Mesh Defective Product Lawsuits

A medical product that was supposed to make women’s lives better has reduced the quality of life for many. Vaginal mesh and slings have had a very negative impact on the lives of many women and now lawyers for Boston […]

Jim Lewis

Dangers Of Used Cars And Auto Recalls

A recent consumer safety article discussed several terrifying incidents where individuals who had recently purchased a used car got into trouble after a recalled problem presented itself. In one case out of Oklahoma, a woman bought a used Dodge Durango. […]

Rick Shapiro

Chrysler’s refusal to issue recall is concerning. *Update*- Chrysler agrees on June 18 to recall

Update: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505145_162-57589828/chrysler-caves-agrees-to-recall-jeeps/

CBS news reported that on June 18, 2013, Chrysler agreed to issue the recall after all. This is…