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Eric Washburn

Three Types of North Carolina Defect Product Lawsuits

Each day, victims are injured or killed because of a defective or dangerous product. Almost on a weekly basis, we read or hear news reports about the latest recall or accident caused by a product that turned out to be […]

Randy Appleton

Thousands Still Suffering with All-Metal Hip Implants

What at one time might have seemed like a rare operation has today become one of the most common types of surgeries people have. In fact, over the past decade, the number of hip replacement surgeries has doubled in this […]

Eric Washburn

Ninety Percent of Recalled Children’s Products Never Returned

Thousands of products are recalled every year because the manufacturer finds some type of defect or danger in their product. The danger may be in the original design or occurred during manufacturing. The majority of these dangers are discovered by […]

Eric Washburn

3 Year Old Suffers Fractures At Florida Trampoline Park

A three-year-old boy in Florida suffered pelvic fractures while jumping at a trampoline park in Tampa, Florida last week. The injuries and accident have raised new questions about the safety of trampolines for young children. The mother told the media that […]

Rick Shapiro

3 Takata Airbag Executives Hit with Criminal Charges, $1 Billion Fine

The Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata reached a $1 billion settlement with the US Department of Justice over a sometimes fatal defect in its airbags that led to millions of vehicles being recalled in the US and internationally.  At least 16 […]

Guest Author

IVC Filter – Potentially Deadly Medical Device

The list of defective and dangerous medical devices continues to grow. News reports revealed that the Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filter has been linked to at least 30 deaths across the country and several hundred injuries. An IVC filter is designed […]

Randy Appleton

Injured Back…To the Future – Understanding Hoverboard Injury Claims

Consumers that have a hoverboard in their home or garage should also have a fire extinguisher handy, warns the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). These mini Segways are proving to be 2015’s most popular, albeit dangerous, Christmas gift, after […]

Randy Appleton

Watch for Subtle Differences in Statute of Limitations – A Mistake Can Ruin Your Case

In the simplest of terms, “statute of limitation” refers to a deadline for filing a lawsuit. These limits vary based on several factors including the state and the nature of the claim. Since Virginia and North Carolina are neighbors, they […]

Guest Author

Shock Hazard from Trane/ American Standard Air Conditioners Prompts Recall

It’s summer, it’s hot, and we are all thankful for air conditioners. Unfortunately, when air conditioners are improperly manufactured they pose a shock hazard to consumers and unknowing repairmen. This is what Trane U.S., Inc. has discovered about 100,600 air […]

Jim Lewis

Graco Announces Another Major Car Seat Recall

One of the largest manufacturers of car seats in the country announced that it would be recalling nearly two million child safety seat harness buckles earlier this week. Graco said that it would recall 1.9 million buckles that were made […]