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Randy Appleton

Virginia Man With Blown Tire Charged in Crash

The North Carolina Highway Patrol has filed charged against a Virginia man in connection with a fatal car accident on I-85 in Davidson County, North Carolina.  The state police reported that a 31 year old man from Pennsylvania died when […]

Rick Shapiro

Drunk Driving Suspected in Crash in New Orleans Parade

A suspected drunk man in an SUV plowed into a crowd in New Orleans Saturday night, injuring at least 28. The crowd was enjoying a parade in the middle of the city during the Mardi Gras celebration. Th accident happened […]

Randy Appleton

Driver Charged with DUI in Florence, South Carolina Crash

One person died in a single car crash in Florence County, South Carolina on Feb. 6. The South Carolina State Highway Patrol stated that the car driver was  charged with felony DUI.  They added that the man’s Dodge Charger was […]

Rick Shapiro

Off-Duty Firefighter Dies in Truck Crash in South Carolina

An off duty firefighter from North Charleston, South Carolina died on January 19 in a crash with a tractor trailer on Palmetto Commerce Parkway in Charleston. He was 34 years old. The Charleston Post and Courier reported that the firefighter […]

Rick Shapiro

North Carolina Motorcyclists Die in Crash with Pickup Truck

The North Carolina Highway Patrol reported on January 2 that two motorcyclists died in Boardman, North Carolina, when their motorcycle struck a pickup truck that did not stop at a stop sign.  Carl Foster Jr., 51, and Patricia Wright, 52, […]

Randy Appleton

Common Car Accident Injuries: Fractured Bones

One of the most common injuries sustained in car accidents is broken or fractured bones. Although many people believe a broken bone is different from a fractured bone, they actually mean the same thing. Fractured is just the medical term […]

Randy Appleton

DUI Accident in South Carolina Injures 2

A man in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina was arrested on Jan. 8 for DUI, in connection to a serious car accident that happened in nearby Mathis Ferry.  The DUI suspect is a 20 year old male, and he has been […]

Randy Appleton

Wake County, North Carolina #1 in DWI Arrests During Holidays

Two Triad counties in North Carolina – Wake and Guilford – were among the top five for DWI arrests during the holidays, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation.  During the Booze It and Lose It Campaign organized by […]

Randy Appleton

GOP Kills Truck Safety Rules for Fatigued Drivers

The trucking industry was victorious last month when GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill were able to block Obama administration safety rules that were designed to keep fatigued truck drivers off the roads. Experts say that more deregulation is on the […]

Kevin Duffan

Car Crash Injuries: Dangers of Ruptured Spleens

It is not uncommon for victims of car crashes to not realize they have suffered an injury. Symptoms of car accident injuries can take hours, sometimes days, to show up and many of these injuries can be dangerous – even […]