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Understanding Personal Injury Attorney’s Fees

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The phrase, “no fee if no recovery,” is more than likely a phrase you’ve become acquainted with if you sustained injuries in a car accident and sought legal help.

Most North Carolina personal injury attorneys have a “no fee if no recovery” policy. In short, that means if a settlement is reached, the attorney gets a percentage of the overall damage award. But, please note, fees vary depending on the type of the personal injury case.

Typically speaking, the percentage a personal injury attorney charges ranges from 25% to 40% (again, depending on the case). Another important factor is how the case is resolved. If your case is settled before going to trial, the percentage will likely be less than if the case went to trial. For example, some personal injury lawyer’s have a sliding scale contingent fee:

  • Attorney fees are 33 1/3% if the case is settled
  • Attorney fees are 40% if the case goes to trial

Aside from attorney fees, there may be other amounts deducted from your damage award or settlement that you are responsible for and it’s important to understand what they are during the initial consultation.

Out of pocket expenses – this refers to any expenses accrued by your attorney while working on your case. These can include hiring expert witnesses, travel expenses among others.

Unpaid medical bills – in some cases your doctor might wait under after the case is resolved to collect payment. In this case, any outstanding medical bills will be taken directly from your damage award or settlement.

Other Questions to Consider Asking During a Consultation with your North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

When does the attorney take their fees? Most commonly, attorneys take their fees before deductions. You should ask this question during your initial consultation with your lawyer. It’s best not to assume and to understand how your attorney handles things.

Another important issue to discuss with your attorney during your initial consult is what happens if your case is unsuccessful, as you may still be responsible for out of pocket expenses as outlined above.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in North Carolina, these are some of the important questions you should ask during your initial consultation.

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