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North Carolina Marine suffers injuries after being struck by hit and run driver while jogging

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Lance Cpl. Guy Boccardi, 22, with 1st Battalion 6th Marines was hit from behind by a passing vehicle as he jogged along the roadside in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Boccardi was wearing reflective clothing but for reasons unknown a vehicle hit him and then left the scene. Because Boccardi was hit from behind he cannot identify the vehicle. Law enforcement officials estimated that the vehicle was traveling about 35 mph, but that the accident happened just after a curve in the road. The speed limit on the road is 35 mph but since the accident happened after the curve the vehicle’s speed should have been decelerated which means the driver was traveling at an excessive speed.

The particulars of Boccardi’s injuries were not specified, but it was reported by jdnews.com that he was taken to Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune with serious injuries and was later transferred to Pitt Memorial Hospital. There are no current leads on this case or specifics about the car or driver, but police are hoping that someone may have heard something about the accident.

Following simple safety tips can reduce your chances of being injured by a car while jogging. By wearing clothing and shoes with reflective properties will help drivers see you along the road. Always jog on the side of the road which faces the driver. This will allow you to see the driver and give you time to react. Try to schedule your exercise after dawn and before dusk. This is the hardest time for drivers to see you because of the positioning of the sun. Take a moment to plan your path ahead of time to stay along roads that will provide more protection.

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