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North Carolina Arrests 1,729 Impaired Drivers from June 24-July 4

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State and local law enforcement in North Carolina arrested 1,729 suspected impaired drivers during the annual Governor’s Highway Safety Program’s Booze It & Lose It – Operation Firecracker enforcement campaign of June 24 through July 4. At least 1,600 were suspected drunk drivers, and 125 were drug related arrests. 


A BAC of as little as .05 increase accident risks, according to reviews of traffic accident reports done for the NHTSA.

The top five North Carolina counties for DWI arrests during this campaign were: Wake County with 124; Robeson County with 116; Guilford County with 105; Mecklenburg County with 87; and Cumberland County with 83. In Bladen County, there were a total of 15 arrests during the operation.

Also, over this period, law enforcement agencies across the state issued 63,218 traffic and criminal violations at 4,635 sobriety check stations.

Our View

We are North Carolina drunk driving attorneys who only represent the victims and grieving families who are hurt by drunk drivers. All of our drunk driving lawyers in North Carolina are pleased that law enforcement continues to take aggressive action against suspected impaired and drunk drivers. Far too many Americans have their lives shattered every day by the foolish and reckless actions of drunk drivers.

Any innocent person who has lost a loved one to a drunk driver should strongly consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit so that they can recover financial damages for their pain and suffering. Also, they can receive compensation for their loved one’s wages that they are not here to earn in the future.

To learn more about how to sue a convicted drunk driver in North Carolina for wrongful death, please read our free guide What to Do If You Lost a Loved One in an Accident.