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Greenville Pedestrian Killed in Hit and Run

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A driver of a Honda Element hit a pedestrian and kept driving on Friday morning.  The pedestrian accident happened on U.S. 276.  Police investigators knew they were looking for a Honda Element after recovering most of the front bumper from one at the scene.  They then worked with a local Honda dealer in order to find the vehicle and driver.

Investigators went to Hendrick Honda in Easley, she said, and the dealership provided a list of people to whom it had sold Elements recently. While looking in the area close to the collision, Hiles said officers found a matching 2004 Element without a bumper at one of the first locations they visited.

The 28-year-old driver has been charged with leaving the scene of a collision resulting in death.  No more details on the accident are known.  It was the second pedestrian accident in the area in a week.