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ECU Bus Accident Causes Major Damage

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A bio-diesel University bus transporting students to a park-and-ride parking lot caused a large amount of damage on Thursday after the driver fell unconscious. The East Carolina University bus was driving on 10th Street in Greenville. A student on the bus grabbed the steering wheel in order to minimize damage and injury in the bus accident.

Despite those efforts, the bus created a block-long swath of destruction as it crashed into cars, destroyed two traffic utility boxes, downed power lines that ignited grass fires and snapped four wood and concrete utility poles before coming to a halt on the sidewalk, police spokesman Cpl. Kip Gaskins said.

Despite the material destruction that required a massive cleanup effort by city, state and private workers, only four people suffered minor injuries in the wreck, Gaskins said.

10 cars were hit by the bus in the accident. Power lines covered the bus when it came to a stop. Power had to be cut before anyone could be rescued from the bus. Clean-up is expected to last a few days. The bus accident is still being investigated.