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Car/Motorcycle Wreck Kills 2 in NC

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Two brothers from Fayetteville, North Carolina (NC) died last week when their motorcycles smashed into a car that was crossing NC 53 near White Oak, according to the North Carolina State Police.

The two men were riding on separate bikes and were riding back to Fayetteville after they had visited Bladen County the day before. They were riding side by side on NC 53 approaching Gum Shaw Road. As they did, a small SUV pulled out onto the road into the bikes’ path.

The police officer on the scene stated that the SUV driver was wearing flip flops and one got stuck on the gas pedal, causing the SUV to shoot across the road.


Both brothers slammed into the SUV. One of the bikes smashed into the back door and the other slammed into the front passenger door. There were no skid marks, indicating that none of the vehicles braked before the wreck.

One brother was dead as the scene and the other died at the hospital as X-rays were taken.

Charges have not been filed at this time.

This terrible tragedy indicates how important it is to ensure that we all are wearing proper shoes when we are driving. If we are wearing footwear that can get hung up on the pedals, this can have deadly consequences.