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6 People Injured When SUV Flips Over on I-85 in North Carolina


Six people in Guilford County, North Carolina were injured after an SUV flipped over a guardrail on I-85 near the Archdale exit on Dec. 23. 

Police were called to the scene after the SUV flipped over the guardrail on I-85 southbound at 8:30 AM. All six people in the SUV were injured, including broken bones.

The crash victims were from New York and New Jersey, and were driving a rented Nissan Armada. The vehicle left the highway, hit the median guardrail, overcorrected, went across three lanes of traffic, flipped over the shoulder guardrail and rolled down an embankment.

Police are still investigating what caused the crash. Alcohol was not involved, but speed may have been.

Our View

It is not certain at this point, but speeding may have been involved in the above accident with injuries in North Carolina. Speeding is one of the most common causes of serious personal injuries and death that we seen in our personal injury law practice in North Carolina.

Speeding is a danger to everyone on the road. The NHTSA states that speeding killed more than 9500 people in 2015. Speeding has an effect on safety on the roads even if you are going the speed limits but are going too fast for conditions. For example, it is common for people to go the speed limit when it is raining, but it is nearly always necessary to drive slower when the road is wet.

Speeding makes it much easier to lose control of the vehicle. This is especially the case with large, cumbersome vehicles with a  high center of gravity, such as a large SUV in the above accident.

Some of the most common reasons for speeding that can lead to a serious accident, death and personal injury lawsuits include:

  • Traffic: When there is a lot of traffic, some drivers get aggressive and speed up when they are able.
  • Running late: People drive too fast when they need to get to work, school and other places.
  • Anonymity: A car insulates us from the world, which leads drivers to engage in more aggressive behavior.
  • Disregard for others: Some drivers drive aggressively often and disregard the safety of other people.

It is imperative that drivers remember to slow down and drive responsibly. Public safety demands it.

If any of those behaviors describe you, remember that you could easily get in an accident that can lead to criminal charges, and in some cases, personal liability for the injuries of passengers and other drivers. 

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