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2 Teenagers Die in Suspected DUI Crash

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A car accident near Denton NC took the lives of two high school students, and DUI is suspected as a factor. 

The accident happened at 7:30 am on Sept. 14 and involved two cars – a Pontiac and Chevrolet. The North Carolina State Police stated that the Pontiac was driving towards Denton NC when it veered left of center and hit the Chevrolet, which was occupied by the two teenagers – 17 and 19.


The driver of the Pontiac is 31 and was charged with DUI and other charges are pending.

Our View

Over 11,000 die in drunk driving crashes each year, and our drunk driving attorneys in Virginia and North Carolina see far too many of these cases each year. Drunk driving leads to serious personal injury and death far too often in our area of the country. We hope that the parents of the deceased teenagers in this drunk driving crash will file a wrongful death lawsuit and further punish that driver, if he is convicted of drunk driving.

A wrongful death lawsuit will provide funds for the familys’ pain and suffering, and also will replace the wages that those teens would have earned if they had lived a normal lifespan.