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2 Die in Wrong-Way Crash Near Annapolis MD

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For the third time in two months, a driver got onto a major highway near Annapolis, Maryland and went in the wrong direction, then slammed into oncoming traffic.

This time, two people died in a July 25 wrong-way crash on Route 50 near Annapolis. This brings the number of deaths in these crashes in the area to five in 60 days.

The Maryland State Police stated that a 31-year-old woman and a 34-year-old man were killed in the three-car wrong way crash on Route 50 this week near Bay Dale Drive.

In this crash, investigators think the driver of the wrong-way vehicle may have been intoxicated. Police noted that the 31-year-old woman driver drove the wrong way a good distance at 2 am before the crash happened. Alcohol containers were found in the vehicle. 

Investigators stated that another wrong way crash occurred on the same stretch of Route 50 recently. They are trying to determine if something in the road design is making such tragedies more likely.


The two-way road that runs parallel to Route 50 in this area gives access to businesses and a residential neighborhood. But it also leads oncoming traffic right to the foot of the ramp. According to the owner of an auto repair shop there, people regularly drive the wrong way onto the ramp.

However, the Maryland State Highway Administration stated that traffic engineers claim that signs and lane markings there are sufficient. There also is a Do Not Enter Sign at the exit ramp.

Our View

Our personal injury attorneys in Virginia and North Carolina are saddened that this wrong way crash occurred. In this particular case, it sounds as if alcohol may have played a factor in a deadly crash that killed three.

It is the driver’s responsibility to follow all road signs and to ensure that they are driving safely and according to the law. It is much more likely that a deadly mistake can occur when a driver is under the influence of alcohol. More than 10,200 people died in alcohol-related crashes in 2015. 

If people would simply not drink and drive, many lives could be saved every year. However, these preventable accidents occur often, and our personal injury attorneys help to hold many of those responsible accountable.

A wrongful death lawsuit can be useful to hold the negligent party accountable. This type of lawsuit also can help the devastated family to receive justice in the form of financial compensation, such as this $2.25 million wrongful death lawsuit we settled recently. 


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